List #3

  1. convoluted - (adj.) very complicated and difficult to understand
  2. imminent - (adj.) happening very soon
  3. pungent - (adj.) having a strong, sharp taste or smell
  4. melancholy - (n.) a sad mood or feeling
  5. boycott - (v.) to refuse to buy, use, or participate in (something as a way of protesting
  6. entrenched - (v.) to place (someone or something) in a very strong position that cannot easily be changed
  7. polarity - (n.) a state in which two ideas, opinions, etc. are completely opposite or very different rom each other
  8. regurgitate - (v.) to bring food that has been swallowed back to and out of the mouth
  9. resurgent - (adj.) becoming popular, active, or successful again after a period of being less popular, active, or successful
  10. caviar - (n.) the eggs of a large fish that are salted and eaten as food

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List #4

  1. tranquil - (adj.) free from agitation of mind or spirit
  2. prohibit - (v.) to forbid by authority, to prevent from doing something
  3. shanghai - (v.) to make someone do something by using force or trickery
  4. grovel - (v.) to kneel, lie or crawl on the ground, givign respect to gain approval or favor
  5. degrade - (v.) to treat someone or something poorly and without respect
  6. resolve - (v.) to deal with successfully, to clear up
  7. intercept - (v.) to stop, seize, or interrupot in progress or course or before arrival
  8. solder - (v.) to join closely and intimately; to mend, repair or patch-up
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VOCABULARY TEST #2 (A cumulative test on Lists #7 - #12)

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