7th Grade English and PSSA Reading Classroom Policies

Discipline Policy
  • Students are expected to follow the classroom rules and the student handbook. You may refer to the student handbook for detailed information.
  • Students not following classroom rules will be assigned detention. Students receive 1 demerit for teacher assigned detention and 2 demerits for administrative detention. Insubordination, being disrespectful, or not following school rules will result in disciplinary action.
  • Students that are not prepared for class three (3) times in a grading quarter will be given teacher assigned detention. This includes forgetting to bring paper, pencil, and your textbook to class and/or not completing homework on time.
  • Students late to class three (3) times will receive detention.
  • Students caught cheating on assignments, test or homework will receive a zero for their grade.

  • Homework that is collected for the teacher to check is expected to be completed on time. If an assignment is late, 20% will be deducted off of the grade earned for the assignment. If it is not completed and turned in by the class period of the following day, the student will receive a zero on that homework assignment.
  • Students are expected to turn in all assignments at the beginning of the class period on the day the assignment is due. If a homework assignment is checked and reviewed in class, it will not be accepted for late points.
  • Projects that are completed late and not turned in on time will lose 20% off of the grade earned on that assignment if turned in the next day. 20% will be deducted for each day it’s late.

Classroom Policies
  • Students WILL NOT BE ALLOWED to return to lockers to get work, supplies, etc. If a student does not bring their work with them, they will not receive full credit. They need to have all materials with them at the beginning of class.
  • When returning to school from an excused absence, STUDENTS ARE RESPONSIBLE for getting all make-up work and turning the work into the teacher. This policy applies to all assignments including class work, tests, projects and homework. Students are responsible for taking a test or turning in an assignment if the assignment was given when they were in class.

  • Grades will consists of tests, quizzes, in-class assignments, homework, projects and journal writings.
  • Grades will be reported to Edline. Please check periodically to obtain your child’s grade.