Acrostic Poem Assignment

  • Identify a vocabulary word you’d like to use for your acrostic poem. This can be a vocabulary word from any list that we’ve covered so far.
  • Write each letter of the word down the left margin of a sheet of paper.
  • Research the word using at least five different sources. Research different components of the word including its part of speech, definition(s), origin of the word, example sentences, synonyms and antonyms, etc.
  • Create sentences or phrases that begin with each letter in the vocabulary word. Each sentence or phrase should help to define the vocabulary word.

Oxford Dictionary
Learner's Dictionary
Word Origins


Bountiful stashes of hidden gold
Opulent assets and treasures
Numbers of jewels, bundles of riches
Assortment of prizes and dividends
Numbers of possessions so valuable
Zillions of dollars in wealth
Absolute prosperity and security

Bathing in the sun is one of my favorite things.
A day at the beach is the best way to spend a summer day.
Sunny days are great!
Kelly, my friend, and I love to soak up the rays of the sun